How it Works:

Tour24 is the app for self-guided apartment tours that makes it faster and easier to rent an apartment – for both the leasing staff and renters.

Online videos are good – but before you put down a deposit on an apartment, you want to actually see it…in real life.

With Tour24, you look when you want, without any pressure, all on the actual property.

Saves time. Easier for everyone.

Tour24 serves as an extension to leasing teams to deliver more tours with maximum simplicity, flexibility and convenience. It creates efficiency and freedom for property management to focus on other priorities, without sacrificing the quality of a great tour experience.


Our sophisticated technology and integrations are unprecedented in the industry and are disrupting the multifamily space. We conduct state-of-the-art ID verification, in real-time, on prospective renters, before they can schedule an appointment. Plus, we integrate with the access systems at today’s buildings:

schedule the appointment

verify IDs and credit card info,

provide door entry

create and deliver a self-guided apartment tour, on-demand or after-hours

start the leasing process

Your Phone is Key

Your phone becomes your “key” to access the building, model unit and amenities – after you pass our ID verification process.

Once you’re at the property, your phone becomes your “onsite tour guide” – with “Tour24 pop-up guides” that notify you about points of interest during your visit.

Your time. Your tour.

Tour24 – the new way to rent an apartment.

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